Local woman creates doll company for curly haired, multi-toned skin girls

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When south side native Margaret Fitzpatrick noticed that young girls with curly hair and diverse skin tones weren’t represented well in the doll community, she had the idea to create her very own.

Being an entrepreneur her whole life, Fitzpatrick decided to launch Curly Girls United with the purpose to embrace young girls with kicky, curly hair and different skin tones.

“Most children have brown eyes,” Fitzpatrick said. “Most children have texture to their hair and have various skin tones. So, why not mix it up?”

Fitzpatrick’s dolls come in a variety of different looks; some have tight curls, loose curls, fare skin, medium skin, dark skin and even eyeglasses.

The dolls have specially manufactured hair that is very thick. Children can finger comb their doll’s hair, put clips in it and even wash it.

Fitzpatrick was joined by six-year-old Madison, who says her doll is her very own “mini-me.”

Fitzpatrick says she hopes her dolls help children feel accepted, knowing there is a doll that looks like her or even her friends.

“Children can play with all different kinds of dolls, just like how they have different kinds of friends,” Fitzpatrick said. “So it’s not just for curly haired girls, it’s for all girls who love dolls.”

For more information about the dolls, visit: www.browneyeddolls.com


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