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You’ve seen the videos all over the internet. Spot the Robot Dog dancing on football fields or in the studio with BTS. But what are some of the real-life uses for this high-tech Boston Dynamics robot? 

We went to MFE Inspection Solutions in New Lenox where they have their own Spot. MFE offers all kinds of cutting-edge technology for rent or purchase, but not for the general public. They cater specifically to the industrial inspection industry. 

As inspectors are called into potentially dangerous situations in places like chemical or nuclear plants, technology like Spot can take the place of a human inspector. 

Michael Vanovermeir is midwest territory manager for MFE in New Lenox. He showed us everything Spot can do, letting me take the controls and walk it around their office. Spot has cameras on all sides that give you a 360-degree view of everything in the room. It can walk over all kinds of obstacles and even up and down stairs. The robot has features that will stop it from tipping or getting knocked over. And it won’t let you run it into walls or other objects. 

They also showed off some of their drone technology as well. MFE has some obstacles and a course where customers can practice their drone skills before taking them out in the field. 

You can watch our full report in the player above. If you work in the inspection industry or have more questions, you can reach out to them directly at the information below.

MFE Inspection Solutions

12552 West Harvey Drive

New Lenox, IL