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All month long on WGN Morning News, we are traveling around the Chicagoland area and looking for the best Halloween Houses! Over the years, people have stepped up their games to create quite the displays in their yards, in their garages, on their roofs – you name it!

Today we are at The Devil’s Playground in Flossmoor. Keith Janowski and Renee Basick have been putting on this haunt at their home in Flossmoor for the last four years, but Keith goes back way further than that. He’s been doing home haunts on his properties for decades.

He’s an electrician by trade and it shows when you walk through the long driveway. There are sensors hidden everywhere that cause skeletons and other monsters to pop out at you. Keith also walks around with a remote in his pocket, triggering different effects and creatures as people walk by.

Don’t forget to look up, either! There are some really neat production effects in the windows of the house. Here are some photos I snapped from around the property.

Keith and Renee are raising money for Don’t Be A Monster – it’s a bullying prevention program that encourages young people to be kind to each other. You can learn more about them on their website here.

Here’s more information on the haunt and when you can check it out! There is a elementary school with a large parking lot right next door that visitors can use.

The Devil’s Playground

900 Western Avenue

Flossmoor, IL