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All month long on WGN Morning News, we are traveling around the Chicagoland area and looking for the best Halloween Houses! Over the years, people have stepped up their games to create quite the displays in their yards, in their garages, on their roofs – you name it!

Today we are at Inferno Manor of Tanner Trails in North Aurora. Michael and Kelly Klemencic have been decorated the inside of their home for Halloween for many years. But just a few years ago, they decided to take things outside.

Now their yard is full of all kinds of Halloween fun. One section is a haunted cornfield with glowing and moving scarecrows and giant pumpkin skeletons. They handmade a creepy corncob coming out of the ground. Right at the front of the driveway you’ll see a witch stirring her cauldron.

The other side of the yard features a cemetery and a Hades ferryman taking lost souls to the underworld on a glowing red river. And don’t forget to look up at the fire in the windows or the creatures trying to escape through their garage door.

Here are some photos of the yard….

You can find them at….

Inferno Manor of Tanner Trails

2552 McDuffee Circle

North Aurora, IL

Facebook page