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All month long on WGN Morning News, we are traveling around the Chicagoland area and looking for the best Halloween Houses! Over the years, people have stepped up their games to create quite the displays in their yards, in their garages, on their roofs – you name it!

Today we are at the Greenbriar Cemetery in Gilberts. Homeowners Matt and Nicole Nausid have been putting on this haunt for the last three years. Matt’s father had been going all out with a Halloween display all throughout his childhood – and now Matt is keeping up the tradition.

You’ll find all kinds of creepy things in this yard. Some of the highlights include a coffin hotrod that’s made of an old tent post, some drag racing tires and BMX tires. Matt even repurposed a dead tree in the backyard by cutting it down and turning it into a spooky Halloween prop!

On weekends you may find some scare actors roaming around the property. And on Halloween night, they’re setting up a Zombie Shooting range on the side of the house where kids can take Nerf guns and blast some fun targets.

Here are some photos from around the property….

If you want to check them out you can find it here:

Greenbriar Cemetery

49 Greenbriar Drive

Gilberts, IL