It’s rare that a Halloween decorated home starts INSIDE the house.

That’s how Jon Foster’s incredible display began. He has spent 20 years collecting all kinds of Halloween decorations and memorabilia – and almost every piece of it is on display.

You’ll find plenty to look at outside of the home. There are giant skeletons, werewolves and a floating Max from Stranger Things. The yard is packed full of skeletons in all kinds of actions poses. If you are a Chicago Bulls fan, you will love the many tributes to Michael Jordan. A tombstone celebrates the famous Flu Game, and one skeleton is in the air recreating his last shot.

On the side of the house, you will find a full Halloween inflatable walkthrough experience. In all of my years covering Halloween decorated homes, I have never seen this many inflatables packed into a small-ish space.

Jon’s 8 year-old son Ryno is a big part of putting this display together. Ryno has autism, which is where the Ausumtism name comes from, and they are using the display to raise money for the Autism Society of America. They also have a YouTube channel called Ausumtism which features Ryno visiting all kinds of Halloween displays and stores across the region and nation.

Here’s where you can find Ausumtism Lair! I’ll also add some photos from outside and inside of the home!

Ausumtism Lair | 3461 Lily Ln, Dyer Indiana | Facebook | YouTube | Fundraiser