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It’s hard not to do a double take when you see one of them on the street. 

“It’s kind of like a reverse tricycle,” Northwestern University professor Paul CaraDonna says. “It’s not that much different from a regular bike. It’s just a bike with a big box in front.”

He’s talking about his Bunch Bike. It features one wheel in the back and two in the front, there to support the large box with space for cargo or people. 

His Bunch Bike has a seat with a seat belt, large enough to sit his daughter Zoe very comfortably. Paul says you can fit up to four kids in the space. He uses the bike to do their shopping and to get around town. He first noticed a bike like this when he was living in Denmark. 

“They’re quite popular there. We were looking in the states when we moved to Chicago. Eventually I came across Bunch Bikes.”

While Paul’s bike is completely powered by his own legs, today’s Bunch Bikes offer electric assist motors, making it easier to get a heavier load around. The company is based in Denton, Texas and sells all of their bikes online. They start at about $5,000. 

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