Is that a player or a dog? Super Dog Max hangs out with Tampa Bay Rays

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TAMPA —  No, that’s not a person in a dog suit. He’s a red standard poodle named Super Dog Max.

Max got the chance to hang out with the Tampa Bay Rays before their game Wednesday, and was a guest in the dugout. The Rays are hosting bring your dog to the ballpark day this weekend, and Super Dog Max was there to help promote the event.

Super Dog Max, who lives in Tampa, is actually a licensed and certified service and therapy dog who volunteers his time for free.

His owner and trainer Carl, originally from Illinois, says Max is called a ‘canine actor’, rather than therapy dog, because they don’t want to give patients the idea that he’s there to “work” on them. Rather, Max is there to entertain and make the patient feel better.

Super Dog Max has become an internet sensation with videos and photos of himself riding bikes and swinging on swings.

To find out more about Super Dog Max and watch his videos, go to:


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