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Keenan’s latest single “Tender Heart” featuring Rily Shay is available now on Spotify and people can of course visit to relive some of his iconic videos.

Internet Sensation Keenan Cahill amassed over 500-million YouTube views of his popular lip-sync videos between 2010 and 2015.
He wrapped up a 5-year career by departing for college in 2014 up to the Bay Area.  Keenan graduated from Cogswell College in 2018 with a BS in Digital Audio Technology.
Keenan returned to Chicago following graduation to begin producing original music.  He has released five original songs to date.
Keenan’s latest release is “Tender Heart,” featuring Rily Shay.  Bass Rebels Records released the song.  His last song, “City,”  was released by Blanco Y Negro Records.
Keenan started uploading to YouTube at the age of 14.  He grabbed the attention of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with his parody of Cascada’s “What Hurt’s the Most.”
Later, Katy Perry, who took notice of his “Teenage Dream” video with two tweets, “This is my Teenage Dream (with a link to the video) and an “I Heart Keenan Cahill.”
Chelsea Handler reached out a few months later, paired him with 50 Cent for the “Down on Me,” music video that has amassed 100-million views across YouTube.
Keenan graduated High School a YouTube sensation, and now the world waits for what’s next.  He will be a big name, DJ in the future.  We just have to wait.