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CHICAGO —  A local Chicago anchor is responding to WGN Morning News’ Larry Potash after comments he made about that “other station.”

During a Voicemail segment earlier this week, Potash said that ABC7 thinks their viewers “are stupid because they are constantly telling them to, ‘bundle up if it’s cold outside!'”

Well, Waddle and Silvy at ESPN Radio saw the segment, and coincendentally had ABC7 Sports Anchor Mark Giangreco on their show. So they told him about it.

Giangreco responded:

“Really? This is unbelieveable. Every weatherman in the universe does the whole bundle up thing. Every reporter. The reporters don’t want to do it, the meterologists don’t want to do it. It’s the news directors and general managers who make you stand out in the snow and say, ‘yea, don’t forget to bundle up and check on the elderly, hey!’ We don’t want to do that crap, and they do it too!”

Giangreco says he has no issue with Potash, and that he’s very good — but “probably a little full of himself.”

Potash’s “Back Story” segment was also brought up in the interview and also a “socially distanced anchor fight” was joked about.

Potash had a response of his own after hearing the interview: “I make it a policy not to get in fist fights with 70-year-old men.”

BURN! We smell an anchorman rumble brewing.

Watch the hilarious video in the player above

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