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Trent Shelton is a former NFL wide receiver, who is now considered one of the most significant speakers of his generation. He is known for being “The Most Impactful Speaker” and is ranked one of the “Top Influencers in the Personal Development Space.” Trent has a large social media following: 11M on FB, 1.9M on IG @trentshelton; Trent reaches 50-60 million followers of all ages each week with his videos and messages about relationships, personal success, life, and faith.  He aspires to promote positive change in others through his various social media platforms, as well as traveling the world speaking to people about how to create lasting change in their lives and reminding them that there is hope for a brighter future. Trent is a best-selling author and has penned five previous books: Inner CircleYou’re Perfect: for the Heart that’s Meant to Love YouSee My Heart Not My PastBreaking Your Own Heart, and The Greatest You.

Straight Up is the first book for young adults from motivational speaker Trent Shelton. This helpful book guides teens and young adults to establish healthy relationships, chase after their dreams, and live their best lives. The book features expanded insights based on Trent’s most popular videos and talks with inspiring advice and life lessons on a variety of topics like: friendship, love, finding success, making it through trauma, being the real you, having a healthy relationship with social media, identifying toxic relationships, how to forgive, overcoming fear and more.

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