Director and World Champion Foosball player talk about their documentary 'Foosballers'

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Director Joe Heslinga and Multiple World Champion Tony Spredeman visited WGN`s studio 1 to show WGN`s very own Larry and Robin how to play the soccer table game. Heslinga and Spredeman also discussed their award-winning documentary Foosballers and how the game inspired them to document the sport`s rich history and culture.

Foosballers follows six top professional foosballers as they prepare for the Tornado World Championship. The feature sheds light on the deep yet unremembered history of foosball. The once prominent sport saw a sharp decline in popularity after the appearance of video games but is seeing a Resurrection today.

Foosballers will be playing tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Music Box Theatre. For showtimes and ticket information, click here.


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