David Rocco Facchini is the founder and executive director of the #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival. A director, producer, designer & fabricator, with 20+ years of experience producing for stage, screen and beyond, David’s a hands-on artist dedicated to storytelling.  With clients ranging, from NBC, Universal & the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, David continually strives to create engaging innovative content for stage, screen and beyond!

David’s passion for Stop Motion started in childhood, making video shorts and animations with his friends.  He completed his first official Stop Motion film Vodka Monster in 2007. He’s since founded #MoStopMo to foster the community around the very first form of animation ever put to film! 

The #MoStopMo Stop Motion Shorts Festival
Nov. 26th @ 5pm
YouTube: @MoStopMo