Dr. Ian Smith tackles common weight loss questions, plus how to get his help with your 2022 goals

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Weight management remains one of the top New Year’s resolutions. Dr. Ian Smith stopped by this week to share some tips and answer common weight loss questions. He also offered his help to viewers who want to partner with him and follow his new book ‘Burn, Melt, Shred” by following him on Instagram or Facebook.

“Burn, Melt, Shred” is the 8-week plan from #1 NY Times bestselling author Dr. Ian Smith is what you need to jumpstart or continue your weight loss journey. Handcrafted to fit all types of eating preferences and built with flexibility so that you can make the program your own, BURN MELT SHRED will help you BURN calories, MELT fat, and SHRED pounds. The daily meal plan provides several options so that you won’t be forced to eat the same food all the time, and you will be excited to try new dishes and flavors. The 20 tasty recipes in the back of the book are simple and fun which the entire family will enjoy. This program is structured so that you will be excited every week to see what’s on the meal plan, and most importantly the foods are easily accessible and affordable. Dr. Ian has always believed that losing weight should not be looked upon as a chore, but rather a journey of discovery and enlightenment. BURN MELT SHRED will help you not only achieve your weight loss goals, but along the way you will develop confidence and several skills that can be used in every aspect of your life.

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