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Dana first dipped his toes in the lyric rewriting with Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”; now, it’s Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” that’s getting its own Coronavirus-themed lyrics.

Listen to Larry Soares belt out the lyrics that  Dana Jay Bein wrote!

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Dana Jay Bein (DJB) is a Cambridge, MA based comedian, comedy instructor and motivator.

His stand up and improv is known for its quick wit, its energy and its ability to adapt to any audience.
He’s been performing at comedy clubs, comedy festivals, colleges and corporate gigs for 20 years.

Early on, Dana realized the power in comedy and discovered that he wanted to use that power for good.
That power is a both a strong connective tissue to people in every demographic and a strength that any person can apply in nearly any situation.
Everyone understands laughter; DJB wants everyone to understand and utilize the power in laughter.

As such, he’s taught comedy and storytelling to children, senior citizens, ivy league PHDs, adults and children with autism, engineers, women in prison, doctors and the homeless. His goal is to connect as many people in as many places as possible through comedy .

In 2005, DJB wrote and implemented the stand up comedy curricula for ImprovBoston’s Comedy School and for the Boston Center for Adult Education. His stand up classes have been featured on MTV Made and WCVB’s Chronicle.

DJB’s debut stand up comedy album, Western Masochist, was recorded in September 2015 at The Majestic Theater in West Springfield, MA.
It was released on Valentines Day in 2016 and is still available on iTunes, Apple Music, Vimeo and Spotify.

2018 had many milestones for DJB.
In June, he was honored by the City for Cambridge for his nearly two decades of service to the Cambridge creative arts community.
There was a two page DJB feature in Boston’s alternative periodical “The Dig” in July.
DJB was the Comic in Residence at the legendary Comedy Studio in November, opening every show that month.

In 2019, DJB began teaching “The Applications of Stand Up Comedy” in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.

Check out the DJBLIVE page to see where he’ll be performing next!