CHICAGO – It was a celebration of one of America’s favorite foods on the WGN Morning News on Thursday.

The hosts got into the spirit of National Pizza Day in a few ways during a few hours of the show, and that included Paul Konrad’s “Courtesy Desk” segment in the 8 a.m. hour.

He spoke with “Professor Pizza” Tony Scardino, who decided to bring some of his pies to the WGN studios to serve those coming into work.

Pat Tomasulo was one of those who was handing out the pizza to his fellow co-workers on Thursday morning, including the loyal security guards at the station.

Unfortunately, it took a little while for the pizza to reach Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten in the studio thanks to someone who decided a few slices would be better for him to consume. It could spell doom for a floor director who couldn’t quite accomplish the mission.

But don’t worry, Larry interrupted “Courtesy Desk” to make sure he got a pizza for the studio.

As long as we had “Professor Pizza” on the show, we decided to have him give some to people looking to make their own pie at home.

You can watch the highlights of National Pizza Day from February 9’s WGN Morning News in the videos above.