Amanda and Austin Brown quit their jobs, sold their condo and decided to spend a year seeing the world.

They documented the whole thing on social media and are sharing their travel tips. Before their segment, we asked them… why? Amanda told us “It’s always been a dream of ours to travel full-time, but it always felt like a far away dream. After we sold our condo in 2020 and had the money to be able to travel for a year, our only reason to “not” would’ve been to save the money for the future date when we could travel after retiring. We talked about it and decided that if something awful were to happen to one or both of us in the future, we didn’t want to have regrets about not living out our dreams & creating lifelong memories together while we have the chance.”

During their year away, they visited 21 countries on 5 continents. Amanda told us “Some of our unexpected favorite countries were Sri Lanka and Oman. My favorite region of the world to travel is the Middle East, and Austin loves Southeast Asia. Easily our favorite things we did all year were safari’s in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and a catamaran around the Galapagos, which is basically an underwater safari! There was one point on the catamaran in the Galapagos where I got out of the water from snorkeling and I literally cried because it felt so unreal. Within a span of literally 30 second I’d swam with 3 sea lions while Galápagos penguins swam around us, massive sea turtles, and then when I looked down a family of golden rays were swimming deep below us.”

And the whole things was a lot more cost affordable than you’d think Amanda says “At the end of the year we came slightly under our budget of $65,000 and spent $61,101. We averaged $155 a day for 2 people. A lot of people are surprised to hear that we only averaged $48/night on hotels since it’s hard to find a hotel in the US for less than $80-$100.”

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