Comedian and actor Hannibal Buress says he’s been performing music in one way or another for years. But he makes his home town debut this weekend at The Silver Room Block Party.

The huge festival now in its 17th year is moving to Oak Street Beach.

Hannibal says fans that want a few laughs won’t be disappointed, he told us his comedy shows up during his performances as “strong banter.”

The Silver Room Sound System Block Party, founded in Chicago in 2002, is a multicultural, all-ages, music and arts festival and is known as a mainstay in Chicago summers. Its roots come from the historic sound system block parties in the Bronx that connected communities through music. Having grown from a modest event for friends and family, the 2019 Block Party attracted over 35K guests. We take pride in how our vibrant events highlight arts and businesses, across the greater Chicagoland area, and creates a platform for famed and up-and-coming music acts.

For tickets and this year’s lineup, click here.