Comedian Dave Coulier has his own clothing line? Cut it out.

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Dave Coulier is a big part of family Television. He is best known as Joey Gladstone on the hit series, Full House and Fuller House. Dave has hosted, directed, acted and voiced on some of the entertainment world’s biggest international mega-hits.

Dave’s journey in family television begins with his first gigs doing voices on Scooby Doo and The Jetson’s and brings us to some of today’s biggest hits like American Dad, Robot Chicken and Voltron. One of Dave’s most rewarding experiences was working with Jim Henson on the hugely successful animated hit, Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies, which was a 4-time Emmy Award Winner for Best Animated Series for CBS. Another highlight was voicing the character of Peter Venkman on ABC’s The Real Ghostbusters. As a host, Dave’s first show was Out Of Control on Nickelodeon. While co-starring on Full House, Dave hosted America’s Funniest People and World’s Funniest Videos for ABC. Dave, being a big hit with families worldwide, also hosted Animal Kidding for Animal Planet and America’s Most Talented Kids for the i/PAX Network. Dave directed several episodes of Fuller House for Warner Bros. Fuller House aired on Netflix and has won the People’s Choice, Kid’s Choice and Teen Choice awards for Favorite Family Sitcom. Fuller House was also nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program. That same season, Dave received a GLAAD Award nomination for the episode he directed titled, “The Prom.”

Also watch for Dave on Celebrity Worst Cooks on The Food Network, and The Comedy Store docuseries on Showtime.

In 2021 Dave co-founded and launched Grilled Cheese Media with animator, Bob Harper. In Fall of 2021, Dave will embark on a standup tour of 24 Air Force Bases across the USA.

Dave resides in his home state of Michigan with his wife, photographer and producer, Melissa and their dogs Shorty and Ziggy.
In his free time, Dave enjoys flying airplanes, playing ice hockey, golf and building and remodeling homes. He also loves to drive his tractor


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