You can still pick up beers and food on your way home at the Goose Island Brewhouse in Lincon Park

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Even with restrictions, you can still carry out at The original (since 1988) Goose Island brewery located in the heart of bustling Lincoln Park, Goose Island Brewhouse is the perfect spot to sample all of our specialty beers and enjoy some delicious brewpub food. It’s #thechicagoscene.

**this was made before the restrictions announced**

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John Hall opened Goose Island Beer Co.’s first pub, the Clybourn Brewhouse, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1988 during a time when there were only 56 American breweries.  The Brewhouse quickly became a staple in the Chicago beer community, pouring traditional European-inspired beer styles like their iconic Honkers Ale, an English-style ESB. The space was warm and inviting with a wooden bar at the heart of the Brewhouse.

By 1995, the Brewhouse had become so popular among Chicagoans that Hall decided to open a larger brewery in the Fulton Market neighborhood. Goose Island would soon go on to become a global brewery with Brewhouses’s in Toronto, São Paulo, Shanghai and more. Despite its international presence, Goose Island’s Clybourn Brewhouse has remained a top destination for locals and tourists looking to sample the beer that established Chicago as the great beer city it is today.

This year, the Goose Island team felt it was time for a bit of a revamp of the Clybourn Brewhouse, harkening back to its original flair along with a few touches for the times. We got a chance to experience the new features including a gorgeous modern-style bar top, new menu curated by Executive Chef Henry Pariser featuring collaborations with hometown icons and neighborhood businesses, and the latest safety features to maximize social distancing. We even got to sample some in-house brewed beers with Head Brewer Jon Naghski – including a limited-edition collaboration ale called Women of the House. This guava wheat pale ale was originally brewed back in March by Goose Island female employees to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Due to overwhelming demand, Women of the House is currently sold out, but be sure to check out Jon’s latest beers when you stop in.

Be sure to follow Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse on Instagram (GooseClybourn), Twitter (@GooseClybourn) and Facebook (GooseClybourn) for upcoming releases, collaborations and new features to the space, and visit for the latest food and beer menu, also available to-go.


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