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Following up on a story from last month, there is a winner of the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge.

From August 19 through October 17, over 4,300 hot dog aficionados traveled all over Chicagoland and parts of Indiana and Wisconsin in pursuit of the quest of visiting as many hot dog stands as possible. Stephanie Esposito of Garfield Ridge has claimed the title of Top Dog.

Esposito was crowned hot dog queen of Chicago after visiting 367 locations in just five weeks.

“I am a highly competitive person so when I heard about this challenge it became a top priority. I had a very organized system to make sure I could get to each location as efficiently as possible,” she said. “It was an incredible experience getting to visit parts of the region and meet people that I would never have had the chance to if it wasn’t for Vienna Beef hosting this challenge.”

Top Dog winner Stephanie Espositio

“As people were just starting to again venture out, mingle and return to restaurants, Vienna Beef set out to find a way to bring back fun, and business, to independently owned Hot Dog Stands across Chicagoland,”
Tim O’Brien, president of Vienna Beef, said. “This led to the creation of the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge. We hoped, but could never have imagined, the enthusiasm that this city brought to compete for the Top Dog title. We are proud of the effort from all participants, our trusted partners and the city that we call home.”

Hot dog royalty also goes out to sisters Karen Buralli and Rose Lamont, finishing second and third place respectively.

Sisters Karen Buralli and Rose Lamont

Founded in 1893, Vienna Beef has been part of the fabric of Chicago since the World’s Columbian Exposition. At the completion of the challenge, Vienna Beef will make a donation to the Illinois Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (IRAEF) Relief Fun. Created in October 2020 to help support restaurant workers affected by the pandemic.

For more information on Vienna Beef and the hot dog stand challenge, click here.

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Outside Vienna Beef World Headquarters