Urban flower farm in Englewood providing sustainability to alleviate poverty

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Converting vacant lots, employing the youth, and helping alleviate poverty, Southside Blooms & Chicago Eco House opened its latest project in Englewood, an urban flower farm. Using rainwater collected from roofs and generating solar power from the sun, this farm is completely off the grid, sustainable and teaching teens to become farmers and florists with hands-on experience. It’s on the job experience that will put their skills to the test in a professional environment.

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Southside Blooms is a project of Chicago Eco House, a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission of using sustainability to alleviate poverty. One hundred percent of our money goes directly towards fulfilling this mission. That means every flower purchased from Southside Blooms creates jobs for at-risk youth, converts vacant lots into safe and productive community assets, and actively contributes to the health and resilience of the environment through regenerative farming practices.

The urban chic designs draw from the resources and creative inspiration of the inner city– where all our blooms are grown. Every purchase directly contributes to job creation for at-risk youth and young adults in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods. Our flowers are “beyond-organic” because we use ZERO pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers, while these toxic chemicals are standard for the rest of the industry.

Our flowers are sourced from farms where a commitment to renewable energy and rainwater irrigation is the expectation, not just an option. Our flowers are grown in environments which actively work to sequester carbon, not just reduce emissions. By supporting this kind of agriculture, you are taking an active step to not only slow climate change, but reverse it!


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