CHICAGO — With summer in full swing, many Chicagoans are hitting the trail and the road with their bikes. For some, it’s a rite of passage to knock the rust off the old bike and enjoy the bike path along the lakefront — to others biking is a necessity.

With gas prices at record levels, there are more and more riders on the city bike paths and suburban trails. But what bike is best for your skill level? How do you even know your skill level?

Specialized has partnered with the greatest independent bicycle retailers in the country since 1974 and continues to do so, but the bike company has taken to Chicago to open its first-ever retail hub in Fulton Market and a store in Lincoln Park.

They have curated the biking culture in a brick-and-mortar fashion where they offer more than just goods and services. The Fulton Market Hub acts as a community hub with a limited and curated on-hand inventory and a focus on blending digital and physical retail, offering transformative, inclusive, rider-focused and locally authentic experiences to serve local riders and better support the biking community.

The Retool Fit Studio

The Fulton Market Hub offers the gamut of range in all skill levels of a rider’s comfort, from beginner glider bikes to e-bikes. Their staff is also part of the biking community in Chicago, and that hyper-local focus and knowledge of the biking landscape are all assets in helping you pick out the right fit.

A special section in the store of note is the Retül Fit Studio in the front of the space.

“With retool fit, our fitters are able to dial in various points of the rider experience and the rider’s bike to make sure they’re riding based on their ability, flexibility and really dial in the comfort,” James Craig, the general manager, said.

Stop by to work and have a coffee, tea, or beer

To learn more about the Fulton Market Hub, click here.

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