The sounds of the ‘Friendly Confines’ on a sun-drenched Friday afternoon

Chicago Scene

Storm Clouds over Wrigley Field 8/20

CHICAGO – This evening Wrigley Field Friday felt and sounded like a normal Friday evening after a ball game.  People walking the sidewalks of Clark and Addison as the sounds of the organ waft through the late spring air.

After twenty plus years in the booth, Gary Pressy retired last season, leaving tradition and steadiness open as the Cubs looked forward to the 2020 season.  Pressy, leaving shoes so big that not one, not two, but it will take a rotation of 3 organists to fill his shoes.

One of them, John Benedeck, got a little taste of what life will be like in Wrigleyville when baseball resumes.  He serenaded the Wrigleyville residents for about an hour with classics like “Won’t Back Down” and “Take It Easy.”   Why?

Neighbors around the ballpark missed what made living near the baseball so special.  They missed that palpable energy that oozed from around the ballpark. The Cubs heard their neighbors and responded.

For about an hour, people around Wrigleyville were treated to an old familiar sound with an old friend.  Wrigley Field, sounding like it always does after a day baseball game.  A buzz in the air, the sun just starting to move towards the other side of the horizon, and the organ music reminding us of what makes that place so special.  For many, it’s so much more than baseball.


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