The Drive to Dive 365 supports Chicago’s music scene one icy jump into Lake Michigan at a time

Chicago Scene

Chicago’s lakefront reopened last weekend for the first time in nearly a year. Chicagoans were back out traversing the shores of the city by the lake.  

Producer Tom Barnas checked in with folks enjoying the area, fisherman and birdwatchers before coming upon the Great Lake Jumper Dan O’Conor and Chicago’s Cielito Lindo Family

O’Conor was back out on the lakefront Monday for jump number 262. It is all part of his quest for “The Drive to Dive 365,” and an effort to help the Chicago music community. 

O’Connor asks a musical act to join him for his jumps to raise awareness for the individual band and for CIVIL – Chicago’s Independent Venue League.  It’s an organization supporting Chicago’s independent performance venues.

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Monday, O’Conor had Cielito Lindo Family Folk Music.  Cielito Lindo is a modern mariachi formed by Lucero Family and their nine-member.  In non-pandemic times, you can catch them at Bulls games, White Sox games, and street festivals throughout the city.  

For more on O’Conor and when and where he jumps, follow him on Twitter @TheRealDtox.


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