Sushi Suite 202 offers Chicago’s first hotel room turned sushi speakeasy

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Before Friday, you have time to check out Sushi Suite is located inside an unmarked hotel suite in Hotel Lincoln, Suite 202 offers Chicago’s first hotel room turned Sushi speakeasy. The exclusive experience features an intimate 6-seat sushi counter with your very own private chef for a 75-minute, 17-course Omakase. It’s the #ChicagoScene **This video was created before the new restrictions**

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Intimacy is at the heart of Sushi Suite 202 – from the moment the concierge hands you the key to the exclusive dining suite to the second you swipe your key card you realize you are unlocking a dining experience like no other. A Sushi Speakeasy if you will. Michael Sinensky and Erika London of SimpleVenue, the team behind New York’s highly acclaimed Sushi Suite 1001 and the Sushi Suite in the former Versace Mansion in Miami.

Step inside Suite 202 at Hotel Lincoln and you’ll be enveloped in intimacy. Chicagoans will love the cozy (500 square foot) space with warm wood millwork and the jewel tones of the velvet furniture giving it a touch of Japanese flair. A six-seat cocktail bar is cast in stone and finished with a solid wood top. The main lounge seating area is set up just like a living room, with plenty of small side tables for drinks and cushioned ottomans for flexible seating all bathed in beautiful cask of chandelier light. The main attraction, the six-seat sushi bar is tucked into the back of the suite where the bed once was.

It is at that sushi bar you will experience a 17-course 60-minute omakase sushi dining extravaganza for $125 which is exclusive of tax and gratuity. You will feel as if Executive Chef Kin Wangchuk is your own personal chef as he creates 17 delectable pieces of nigiri sushi ranging from succulent botan ebi to prized Hokkaido uni all made from sustainable fish sourced from all over the world. Chef Kin trained at perennial Michelin star restaurants Masa and Cagen in New York City and will now create his sushi masterpieces in front of Chicago’s only in suite omakase audience.


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