Stephane Wrembel – “perhaps the most creative improviser in Gypsy jazz today, Mr. Wrembel plays the guitar with a rich colorful lyricism,” says the New York Times.

Wrembel is a composer, teacher, and one of the most heralded guitarists in the world specializing in the style of Django Reinhardt. Wrembel, who learned his craft among the Gyp-sies at campsites in the French countryside has had a remarkable career, headlining shows worldwide while releasing 16 albums under his name and the nom de plume.

His latest album is ’The Django Experiment VI,’ and he’ll be back in the studio early this summer to record a new project with Django New Orleans. This, blended musicality with his many configurations of Django and his solo work as a Django Impressionist led him to an esteemed benchmark in the musical world.

Stephane Wrembel and band

Wrembel researched these workings for over 6 years and published two books on the transcriptions for solo guitar.  It’s known as the 17 preludes for solo guitar.  These are some of the most difficult repertoires for guitar music.

A fun fact, he’s the only one in the world who can perform them.

There’s also Django A Go-Go which will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2023. It’s an annual event that he produces himself, which is a festival and guitar camp.  This year he flew in some of the most renowned French Django jazz guitarists.

You’ll have a chance to see and hear this living legend at Chicago’s Green Mill on April 22 and 23, for more information and tickets, click here.

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