South Side pride, giving back to the community in the threads of Grit Clothing Co.

Chicago Scene

Chicago Scene

“Chicago as an entity reflects this gritty attitude.”

That’s the mantra of Grit Clothing Co.

South Side pride courses through the veins of best friends and founders Mike Vaickus and Joe Wodark.

Chicago Scene got a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of Grit Clothing Co. The company was born of the fabric that is Chicago’s South Side and celebrates hard work, family, helping people in your neighborhood, and that special corner bar.

Founded on a friendship that has lasted for over 20 years, we go for a ride along in the day in the life of founders Vaickus and Wodark.

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We hit up their old stomping grounds at De La Salle Institute, walk the shadows of Sox Park to Grandstand to see a new business venture, stop by a South Side hotdog joint for another business drop off, pay a visit to their printing shop and finally finish up at the bar that launched their business.  

It’s a true South Side story about two friends trying to bring a positive change and message to their neighborhood.

They also believe in paying it forward.  That’s why a portion of all proceeds are donated back to local communities and organizations that strive to help others in Chicago. 

Bonus Feature

The friends shared a true Chicago story of how “Sonny” (Vaickus’s father) walked Archer Avenue, and hit up every pizza joint and bar to distribute Grit Clothing flyers and helped spread the word of this new business.

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