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Chicago Children’s Choir has been a staple in Chicago since its inception. Founded in 1956 as a direct response to the Civil Rights Movement, Chicago Children’s Choir is rooted in the belief that music is the best vehicle for fostering empathy and respect between young people of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Since its founding, CCC has grown from a single choir into a vast network of school and after-school programs that serve thousands of students every year. The Choir offers a performance-based learning experience built around innovative and creative partnerships and compelling artistic endeavors.

At the Paint the Town Red Event in 2019 © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2019

With over 4,000 students on the roster, it is completely free of change, all while delivering a world-class instruction. This year the choir is back this Saturday for their annual Songs of the Season concert featuring the world-renowned Voice of Chicago Ensemble and Hyde Park Neighborhood Choir.

If you miss this performance, you can catch the choir at their next concert to honor Black History Month in February. The program will celebrate African music and its indelible impact on Chicago and the world. To find out information on any events with the Chicago Children’s Choir, click here.

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Members of CCC with Chance The Rapper