CHICAGO — “No one comes between you and your beer” is the motto at District Brew Yards in West Town.

This past June, Burnt City Brewing, one of Chicago’s first brewpubs, celebrated its 10th anniversary at District Brew Yards.

According to the owners, it’s the first of its kind in the nation to house a production brewery collective, pour-your-own beer hall, and shop under one roof.

Originally Atlas Brewing, the brand was forced to rename its company due to a legal naming dispute. In 2016, Partners John and Ben Saller and Steve Soble decided to (theoretically) burn everything to the ground and re-conceptualize the brand. Thus, leading to a more contemporary brand with a new name, look and approach to brewing.

Burnt City is now known for its reinventing spirit and innovative choices of beer ingredients. Now, also known as the home brewery at the freshly minted District Brew Yards as they can finally open fully as we make our way out of the pandemic.

“We opened up three years ago, unfortunately right before the pandemic, but we’re over here at Ashland and Hubbard in what is the brewing district of Chicago,” said Soble.

Inside the beer hall at District Brew Yards

The pour-your-own beer hall in West Town takes the food hall concept and flips it on its end, making the beer the starring attraction. One food option is also offered, Lillie’s Q. It supplies the food for the four breweries on site; Burnt City Brewing, Around the Bend Beer Co., Bold Dog Beer Co, and Casa Humilde Cerveceria Artesanal.

“We look forward to celebrating the adventure that we’ve been on for the past decade,” Soble said. “We want to remind customers that we’ve been around longer than most breweries in Chicago, drink some beer, eat some food, but most importantly: Just have a real good time.” 

To learn more about District Brew Yards, click here.

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The mural outside at District Brew Yards