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CHICAGO — The revamped Skydeck Chicago at the Willis Tower has new features that allows you to discover and see all that the city has to offer from an incomparable vantage point. 

Interactive experience with the history of Chicago

The complete transformation encompasses the attractions of a new lower-level, interactive experience that celebrates the unique personality, history, neighborhoods and sites of Chicago.

The lower-level museum is just the beginning as you make your way through this highly immersive space on your way to the observation deck to take in the city from 103 floors up. Favorite spots are marked from movies filmed on-site along with the Ledge and the four glass floor balconies extending from the tower. 

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“A visit to Skydeck Chicago has always been about the exhilaration of seeing the city from a new perspective,” Randy Stancik, general manager at the Skydeck, said. “The new Skydeck tells the story of Chicago — from the Great Chicago Fire to iconic city legends — and allows visitors to actively engage with our beloved home in a way that is wholly their own.”

Views from Skydeck Chicago

Before or after a visit to Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower, guests are invited to enjoy Catalog, a new five-level, dining, retail and entertainment experience at the base of the Tower.  

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