CHICAGO — What is more Chicago than lapping up the history of the city while dining in a landmark building?

You get that experience at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant in the South Loop. Guests will indulge in a memorable, guest-first dining experience at an officially designated Chicago landmark. To uphold the longstanding tradition of serving the South Loop neighborhood, this acclaimed 1905 Romanesque Revival structure opened its historic doors in 2000.

Both the structure and menu are designed to reflect the uniqueness of its origin story, with renovations that reflect thoughtful attention to turn-of-the-century design elements while maintaining the building’s beauty and heritage.

“Chef Oscar Montesinos and our talented culinary team have put together some indulgent new dishes while keeping some timeless favorites untouched– ensuring there is something for everyone at Chicago Firehouse,” Laura O’Malley, owner of the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, said.

Inside The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

The Chicago Firehouse Restaurant infuses the past and present in its menu offerings, featuring timeless house favorites, steaks, chops, and seafood, complemented by distinctive, contemporary seasonal dishes for all to enjoy.

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