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The Chicago Scene embarks on a hidden (sort of) nuclear relic. With the help of expert Jessica Milinaric, author of Secret Chicago: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure.

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Today’s adventure has us heading to Red Gate Woods to find a piece of US history. Remnants of the Manhattan Project are still buried beneath the markers. It’s a free adventure while learning a little bit of Chicago and US history.

Info on Jessic’a book below:

Embark on a scavenger hunt to the unknown and unusual corners of Chicago. This endlessly interesting city is home to tales as tall as our skyscrapers and secrets as deep as our pizzas. Explore a side of Chicago you’ve never seen, from a grave in a junkyard to a pool under the Loop. Discover where you can picnic on a nuclear pylon or snorkel a Lake Michigan shipwreck. Visit the site of the Western Hemisphere’s largest mass grave or run away to the circus in a church. Do you know where to find the birthplace of gospel music and a final resting place for Cubs fans? Surprises are hiding everywhere in Chicago, from a chapel atop a Loop skyscraper to an art gallery in a Beverly fieldhouse.

From an energy vortex in Fulton Market to a salt cave in Portage Park, follow Secret Chicago across the city’s neighborhoods and into its little-known history. Find oddities and inspiration in Chicago’s uncommon sites, including hidden attractions, haunted locales, and unique landmarks. This guide delivers answers to questions around town that you didn’t even know you had and proves that when it comes to secrets, Chicago is second to none.