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CHICAGO — Klairmont Kollections might be the rarest set of cars that you might have never heard of — until now.

Larry Klairmont and his partner Joyce are the proud ambassadors of this rare showplace of automobiles consisting of over 300 of the some of the most stunning, impressive, clever collections of vehicles that any car enthusiast could hope for.

Just how rare?

They have a replica of the Batmobile from the TV show and the 1990s movies. Classics like the Munsters Mobile, an ultra-rare Golden Sahara, featuring light-up tires.

Also on display is vintage memorabilia throughout the entire space.

“The vehicles here represent anything from the period of 1900 to modern cars, the cars are the starts of the museum, they tell stories and the museum is a hub for storytelling,” executive director Robert Olson said.

Those stories are told in the 100,000 square feet footprint on Chicago’s Northwest Side, spread across two floors. Klairmont Kollections has been able to amass hundreds of outstanding classics; ranging from an original 1930s Duesenberg to a large group of micro-cars, to a 1918 Pierce Arrow.

The Golden Sarah

Klairmont Kollections are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting educational programs that engage the next generation of car lovers. They engage with the community by offering workshops, field rips and educational programs.

To learn more about the collection or to plan your visit, click here.

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