Rare 1938 Action Comics #1, featuring first appearance of Superman, sells for record-breaking $3.2M

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Why so high? Co-owner of online auction house explains

For some, collecting things was almost a rite of passage when growing up – baseball cards, Beanie Babies, concert posters, and even comic books.  For most of us, our collections ended up being sold in a garage sale and that was the end of it.  For others, collecting became a hobby that bridged our youth into adulthood.  

Nostalgia sells, especially in the comic book world.  An exceedingly rare Action Comics #1, the legendary 1938 comic that marks Superman’s first appearance has sold for a historic, record-breaking $3,250,000.  

Why so high?

Vincent Zurzolo is a co-owner of ComicConnect, an online auction house.

“It marks the first time a superhero was introduced into comics,” he said. 

ComicConnect has sold eight comics for $1,000,000 or more. ComicConnect holds five Guinness Book of World Records to date. This latest sale of Action Comics #1 will soon be certified to be six.

Zurzolo’s company sold this vintage 1938 Superman comic book for the record-breaking price. The vintage comic book business is big bucks and a solid investment.

“Across almost every category, collectibles are on the rise,” Zurzolo said. “The vintage comic market has never been stronger and this sale showcases how hot it really is.”

Action #1 tells Superman’s iconic origin story. This particular copy has a colorful origin story, too. For 50 years, it was buried in a stack of old 1930s movie magazines. Because it was tucked inside one, it was well protected from wear. The buyer only discovered it after purchasing the magazines at an auction in the 1980s. It believed to be one of only 100 left in the world. 

“This is an 83-year-old comic book in near-pristine condition—and it’s a sight to behold,” Zurzolo said. “Not to mention, this book launched the superhero genre that’s such a huge part of our culture.”

To view a listing of any of the comics featured in the video, visit ComicConnect

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