Passion fruit and Jameson Whiskey paczki? Yes, at Delightful Pastries you have traditional and nontraditional choices to satisfy your paczki fix

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CHICAGO SCENE is Delightful Pastries in Jefferson Park.  Owner, Dobra Bielinski opened the doors to this European-style bakery back in 1998. Since then, she and her family have churned out some of the best paczki, breads, danishes, cookies, cakes and other sweets. They take pride in using the finest local ingredients while sticking to European baking traditions that have been handed down for generations.

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Today is Fat Tuesday, so all eyes are on the paczki.  They’ve gone beyond the traditional strawberry and crème, (although they’re fantastic) others include the traditional Rose Petal Jelly, Passion Fruit, Salted Carmel, Moonshine & Lemon, Jameson Whiskey w/ Chocolate Custard, and even a vodka & Vanilla Bean custard Paczki!  They’re worth the drive in any weather.  

Delightful Pastries
5927 West Lawrence
Chicago, IL 60630


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