DEERFIELD, Ill. — If you’re a dog owner, having a one-stop shop is key to saving time when running errands for your furry pal. The Dog Stop in Deerfield is that doggy mecca.

The store is owned and operated by local, dog-loving husband-and-wife duo, Jami and Alisa Guthrie. Both are passionate entrepreneurs that were looking for way to give the community a space to unite and interact. The Dog Stop provides that meeting space for dog lovers.

Dog owners can expect an expert staff when they drop off their pets for high-quality service, including spa-style grooming, boarding, individualized training, and a retail store stocked with recommended products.

The spot took off when many people adopted puppies at the start of COVID, and The Dog Stop Deerfield became a booming daycare for dogs when everyone had to return to work. This location has over 130 kennels that watch over every size dog, from toy-sized to extra-large year-round.

The Dog Stop in Deerfield

An interesting aspect of this location, there is a dog whisperer who lives above the store that can do things like assess dogs during tense situations and administer medicine during late nights and early mornings.

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