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CHICAGO — Lincoln Square’s rock-‘n-roll-style salon has new digs on Monstrose Avenue. Rev. Billy’s Chop Shop is both a salon for the edgy haircuts, vivid colors, extensions beard trims and an art gallery in an inclusive and creative space.

Not be confused with a garage or BBQ joint, the space is a true labor of love started by The Rev. Billy Simmons and Amanda Simmons. The couple first opened their chop shop on Lincoln Avenue in 2014, but wanting a bigger space and more room to be creative was the genesis of changing locations.

Some of the old trimmings of the original space have new life in the new space on Montrose. Patrons will notice the red neon sign outside and the Chicago Flag painted on the ceiling of the space, along with a completely updated space to display local and national art, garage-made salon stations (made in Simmons garage), and a state-of-the-art ventilation system.

But, what’s with the name? Is Billy really a reverend?

The short answer is yes.

“I became a minister after I was in a bike crash about 20 years ago,” Billy Simmons said. “During my recovery, watching TV got old. I like religion, I like theology and I’m curious about all of it.”

Simmons has married a few family friends, but likes to keep the focus on the chop shop.

Vivid coloring at Rev. Billy’s Chop Shop

Under the umbrella of the chop shop is the art gallery. Rotating art every couple of months, the shop has a consistently fresh look. The couple use the chop shop to display local artists, supporting the artist community in Chicago while taking no commission for any of the art sold.

“We wanted to create a place of community and inclusion, part of that was displaying artist works on our walls, supporting the community,” Billy Simmons said.

The new location of Rev. Billy’s Chop Shop welcomes all people with gender-free pricing and they are Green Circle Salon Certified. To book your next cut or color at the chop shop, click here.

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