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CRESTWOOD, Ill. —The newly renovated Club Hawthorne & PointsBet Sportsbook in Crestwood has breathed new life into an old building.

Fresh off a complete facelift, it features a full kitchen menu, bar service to accompany all your needs when you take in the big game or sporting event.

“It’s a really nice setup,” Jim Miller Director of Publicity and Racing, said.. ” With the advent of sports wagering here in Illinois we’ve been able to expand and have the sportsbook at this really gorgeous site.”

What is a sportsbook? According to Miller, it’s a space that separates itself from the sports bar type of setup. They strive for comfort and an inviting atmosphere, giving ample space to lounge around versus being cramped into a small sports bar.

Inside the new Sportsbook

“There is so much going on in sports nowadays, you can have some many games between college football Saturdays, between NFL Sunday, bring in MLB baseball playoffs too, people want to see everything on multiple screens and this is a location they can do that,” Miller said.

There are different options for your sports wagering needs. You do have the opportunity to walk up to the window with a clerk and have human interaction and take advantage of the “educate the sports better” motto, with a clerk walking you through the bets and explaining the odds. Other options include the self-service machines where you can wage, along with the online access and set up mobile options as well.

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