CHICAGO — The Avondale neighborhood is quickly gaining a reputation as the mecca of the horror movie community in Chicago. The latest addition, the Brewed, is a horror-themed coffee shop brought to the neighborhood by the same owners (and internally connected inside the building) as Bric-A-Brac Records.

The new coffee shop is named after David Cronenberg’s horror classic “The Brood” as an homage to the cult-classic godfather of horror.

Inside The Brewed

It serves as a labor of love for owners Nick Mayor, Jen Lemastersa, and Jason Deuchler. With years of collecting items, the collection is truly unique and very personal to the owners. It’s presented in a welcoming way, carefully curated to bend between the owner’s admiration of the genre while creating a unique coffee experience.

“We obviously are huge fans of the genre (maybe not everybody is and we understand that) and we’re certainly not here to turn anybody off, but maybe ease people into some appreciation if they’re new to the genre,” Mayor said. “If you’re a diehard, you’ll be just as at home with lots of original movie posters, collectibles on display movie references, movies for sale and plenty of tongue and cheek nods on the menu as well.”

Not only the display cases are worth the cup of joe, but the murals displaying some of the most well-known villains and monsters of all time are proudly displayed. Chicago has a spot in the horror movie genre as it’s home to “Candyman.” An homage to that and other movies are found throughout the colorfully splashed walls in the entire space.

The collection inside The Brewed

The horror movie appreciation is an international love affair with the shop proudly displaying foreign and domestic horror movie classics.

“I think the Thai movie posters are one of my favorite things in here, it was important to me to have more of an international representation so we have some foreign films as well as U.S. horror movies,” Lemasters said.

World’s collide between Bric-A-Brac and the brewed, we’re pop-culture from yesteryear still lives in the same space as some of the most iconic horror movies of all time. A cup of joe in this cool, unique space will keep you busy for hours. For more information on the Brewed, click here.

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An homage to the Chicago horror movie “Candyman”