Kennedy Rooftop stretches the outdoor dining season far into the Autumn sky

Chicago Scene

Ditch the pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, grab your favorite sweater and head to one of the best rooftops in the city. Complete with a killer view of our beloved skyline, the Kennedy Rooftop stretches the outdoor drinking season far into the Autumn sky. Leaving plenty of time for sipping a cocktail and enjoying some of the best food around with the appropriate amount of space heaters to keep all toasty inside. It’s #thechicagoscene

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In the city of Chicago, resides a trendy & unique neighborhood called wicker park. Wicker Park is home to a little over 50,000 residents who have shaped this neighborhood to become a vibrant & diverse home. The purpose of the Kennedy Rooftop is to highlight the culture & ambiance of wicker park.

Here, where North Ave & Ashland Ave meet, we have created an urban chic rooftop to celebrate the people & the city. The interior, food & drink options are designed to accentuate the modern, trendy fabric of wicker park. While enjoying your favorite cocktail, you are able to take in the beautiful Chicago skyline. The Kennedy Rooftop prides itself on its panoramic views of the entire skyline. Cheers to wicker park’s very own Kennedy Rooftop!


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