Home Run Inn brings 74 years of pizza tradition to the Friendly Confines

Tradition runs deep at Clark and Addison.  For the first time in their 74 years, Home Run Inn pizza is available at Wrigley Field.  The South Side-based, family-owned brand is teaming up with North Side baseball in a match made in Chicago heaven. 

With Wrigley Field open at 100% capacity, the Cubs wanted to take a moment and remind fans of what makes Wrigley so special; the baseball, the ivy, the seventh-inning stretch, and, more importantly, the fan experience. 

Gone are the days of long lines of getting into the ballpark, waiting for food, or the bathrooms. With the 1060 Project finally complete, fans will enjoy a modern baseball experience with all the Wrigley traditions.


Baseball at Wrigley Field

One of the most notable changes, Wrigley Field is now a touchless experience.  From entering the ballpark to ordering food, it’s completely touchless. 

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Fans now have their tickets and food options in one place in the MLB Ballpark App. You can order your food on your phone, and you’ll get an alert that your food is ready, making waiting in lines for what felt like innings a thing of the past.  You simply order and pick up your food. 

An exciting addition to the food options at Wrigley Field this summer is Home Run Inn. Now with two pizza stands on the main concourse level, you can enjoy Home Run Inn as the Cubbies belt out a home run.  (Get it?)   

Gina Bolger is Senior Vice President of Branding and third-generation family member of Home Run Inn.

“We’re a South Side company, but we wanted to venture up north,” she said. “Home Run Inn is all around Chicago. We thought, ‘We’re baseball — Home Run Inn. What better partner to partner with than the Cubs.”

Third-generation Home Run Inn family member Gina Bolger

Home Run Inn considers itself Chicago’s very own thin crust pizza. They pride themselves on their one-of-a-kind flavor, hand-pinched buttery crust, zesty sauce, plentiful cheese and homemade sausage. What started as a small tavern in the 1920’s, has grown to a company with nine pizzerias throughout the Chicagoland area and frozen pizza sold in more than 40 states.

Still family-owned and operated, Home Run Inn ranks among the top 10 in pizza brands sold nationally and number one in the Chicagoland area.  Be on the lookout for the Ultimate Chicago Cubs experience stickers found on pizza boxes in stores and in the ballpark.  It’s a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Friendly Confines.

For more information on all things Home Run Inn, check out their website.

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