Fans of classic holiday films being shot in Chicago will be excited to see another film added to the roster of Christmas movies for the season.

“Christmas with Felicity” (now available on AMC +)  follows a struggling young baker in no mood for the holidays who returns to her small hometown, where her festive family and a handsome farmer try to get her back in the Christmas spirit.

The film was shot on location in Historic Downtown Long Grove and several other Chicago suburbs by local cast and crew. According to the filmmakers, hundreds of people in Chicagoland helped create the movie, using local crews and locations.

Two of Chicago’s very own are director Jack C. Newell and producer of the film John W. Bosher.

Chicago Scene spent a Friday morning on location in Fountain Square to talk about the importance of making films in Chicago.

“I think it’s great, you get a certain sense of authenticity here in the Midwest that you don’t get on the coasts and people really appreciate that,” Bosher said. ” The crews have a really amazing work ethic, it’s just a very collaborative experience. There isn’t a lot of egos involved, everybody is just interested in making the best possible product.”

Star of Christmas with Felicity, Sarah Brooks

“It’s very important for me and for John that there is homegrown filmmaking that happens here, with creators who are from here, working with crews who are form here, casting people who are actors that are from here,” Newell said.

To catch this locally filmed movie, click here for information.

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