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It seems as soon as we become adults, all we want to do is be a kid again. 

Well the folks behind HideSeek hope to help you achieve just that.

With over 10,000 square feet of immersive “old school” vibe, this space is filled with 15 installations to spark your inner childlike awe and wonder. 

Lee Davis says “you’re going to wonder though 15 different rooms that are all designed to make you feel like a kid again, leaving all adulting behind and time to just feel like a kid again and have fun.”

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They want people to hide from reality and see a world of childlike wonder. Adult pillow forts, a Slinky-filled room and another dedicated to the time-honored “lava is ground” game are just some of the highlights.  

Inside one of the immersive rooms

Complete with the childlike wonder, they’ve recreated a schoolyard – complete with vintage playground equipment. That room leads into a dreamlike school scenario where it’s encouraged to “Keep Dreaming,” complete with a pink Lego-like throne. 

To rekindle your inner child, visit them in Old Town through September.

Check it out:

1620 N Wells Street


The sticky ball room

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