Have you ever had your aura read?

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Yes…having your aura read is a real thing. If you can get past all the noise of skepticism and enjoy this process for what it is, a spiritual journey of your mind, heart, and soul. Carefully guided by the Revealing Soul‘s Cindy. It’s a spiritual experience kind of #chicagoscene**Full disclosure, some parts have been edited out since it was real personal information.** I did not alter any video to change an answer of a question or explanation.

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From Revealing Soul’s website:

If you’ve ever felt like no one sees you, or you’re feeling stuck in your career, or unfulfilled by what you’re doing, or are questioning the relationships in your life…I’ve been there! I woke up one day a few years ago, about 9 years into my corporate sales gig, completely unhappy, with literally no reason to even get out of bed.

It started as a simple need: wanting to get my aura photographed to see my energetic field, and I could NOT find a single aura photographer in all of Chicago! (The 3rd largest populated city in the US!) I was chatting with a friend when the realization hit that I really just needed the photo because I could read the energy myself, and with that… Revealing Soul was born.


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