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Local and international artists are on display this weekend at The Other Art Fair at Revel Fulton Market.

The Other Art Fair brings a unique perspective to the art scene, gathering global and creative thinkers and providing a platform to share the emerging talent with a unique experience. The fair travels to some of the world’s biggest cities, using the city as its muse in providing a different experience.

This year, in the Fulton Market, the fair blends boundary-pushing and affordable works with immersive installations, performances and the odd tattoo or taxidermy class (for good measure) to highlight the begrudging art scene in Chicago.

Booth at The Other Art Fair

They pride themselves on not being normal, that is their normal. They want to create an experience where art feels accessible, where everyone fits in, and where the experience exists outside the experience, benefiting the art lover as well as the artist.

They’ve created an everyone inclusive feeling where the artwork is the centerpiece, bringing everyone together from all walks of life. To learn more about the fair and to grab your tickets, click here.

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