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CHICAGO — Chicagoans are on the lookout for their next frozen treat with the weather heating up. Last year’s social media phenomenon, Sugar Junkie is back for another summer season.

You’ll find the walk-up window on the east side of Ranalli’s in Lincoln Park. Pastry Chef Amy Arnold is ready to serve her now Insta-famous homemade gelato, paired with cookies to make a unique gelato-cookie sandwich, waffle and sugar cones for the traditional fix.

Arnold, known across the city for her iconic cake shakes and artfully crafted donuts, is the pastry chef of the Four Conners hospitality group. She brought her unique taste pallet approach to the flavors and colors of Sugar Junkie such as birthday cake, coffee and doughnuts, and banana fudge.

“I think people like what they know, they like what they’re familiar with so you can’t go too far out of the box,” Arnold said. “People like color, people like fun, food that’s fun, people eat with their eyes first. Rainbows… Rainbows and unicorns were my tag on everything, the rainbow gelato was a no-brainer.”

This venture is a true labor of love for Arnold. She always wanted to go off on her own. She turned to her mentor for advice in starting her own business.

The Walk-up window at Sugar Junkie

“I sort of went to him (Andy Gloor, Co-founder of Four Corners) as a mentorship, asking how do I start my own business? Where do I start? How do I create a concept? A brand?” she said. “He loves gelato and I’ve worked with the company for quite a while and he got behind it.”

Sugar Junkie is the result of the conversation and is now in its third season. For a full list of hours and menu offerings, click here.

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