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LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. — Have you ever wanted to dress like your favorite rock star? How do they achieve that rock n’ roll look? It may come as a surprise to you, but many of your favorite bands dress in clothes made by Wornstar, an independently owned clothing line made in Lake in the Hills.

Originally conceived in 2002 and officially launched in 2009, it was founded by stylist and designer Syliva Jensen and art director Stephen Jensen. They started this brand with the purpose of offering rock n’ roll-inspired graphic designed clothing along with custom-made limited edition stage clothing.

Jensen is no stranger to the music industry throughout the late 1980s-early 1990s, playing guitar for a band in Chicago and eventually enjoying the Limelight of MTV as his band, Barracuda, had their video in rotation on Headbanger’s Ball.

Inside the Wornstar showroom

In the early 1990s Jensen stepped away from performing, focusing on his talent for graphic design and photography. He’s gone on to design guitars, album covers, and artwork for many bands in the music industry. Bands from Metallica and Eric Church to brands like Marvel’s Avengers.

Jensen taught herself the art of a seamstress by watching her godmother, a master seamstress. Always fascinated by the fashion in the music industry, she met her future husband at many of the rock shows throughout Chicago. The couple married in 1994, forming their own one-stop shop studio where she helped set design, prop design, photo styling and wardrobe styling for many album covers.

“We got to be known as the studio with the on-staff stylist, so we had something as far as a rock and roll studio that other people didn’t have locally,” Jensen said. “We found that a lot of attention was being drawn to that where people really liked with Syliva was doing and what she was bringing to the table, taking my graphic design skills and married them together, we always liked bringing visual arts and music together so clothing just seemed like the next natural next step for us.”

It was that early experience of working together where the couple gained the reputation as a destination. Many of the artists took an interest in Sylvia’s work on the set and started requesting to buy the pieces she styled. Together with her husband’s work in design work with many of these bands, they started their own clothing company out of their garage.

Locally designed T-shirts

Today, the Wornstar Clothing line is one of the fastest-growing and most respected companies in the industry, locally manufactured and designed right in the heart of Lake in the Hills. To find out more information or on how to buy your own shirt, click here.

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