Fresh fruit, freshly made whipped cream, signature batter is what’s inside West Side bakery

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The flavor is in the name of this West Side bakery, Schweet Cheesecake in the Austin neighborhood serves up homemade artisan Chicago cheesecakes. 

Chamille Weddington and her husband have been lifelong residents of the Austin neighborhood, choosing to open in in their own neighborhood. They’ve made it a priority to be a guiding light of positivity in the Austin community. 

“Community is the real currency of a business.”  That’s the mantra for Weddington’s mantra.

The couple says they believe in community by using locally sourced ingredients like house-made whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate, liqueur, or caramel. 

They offer up 8-inch cakes and 4-inch personal rounds.  Looking for something larger? They’ve got the 12-inch /12 pounders in true Chicago fashion.

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Weddington also works to provide a space for other local business to be featured in her storefront.  She said the effort is more than selling cheesecakes, it’s about showing the rest of Chicago that the Austin neighborhood has that entrepreneur spirit, resilient and is open for business, building one community member at a time. That can-do Chicago spirit is how Weddington pushed beyond limitations and opened the brick-and-mortar version of her business.  With the help of community programs like the Westside Health Authority and the Austin African American Business Networking Association Inc.

Visit the folks at  Schweet, you’ll have some of the best homemade Chicago cheesecake you’ll ever have.

Schweet Cheesecake

5248 W Chicago Ave.

Chicago, IL 60651


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