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CHICAGO — It’s the holiday season and you’re stuck trying to figure out how to entertain family from out of town. Sure, you can do the usual tourist things like visiting the Mag Mile, sampling some deep dish pizza, but what about something a little different?

How about a different take on family time? Fox in a Box is ranked as one of the best escape rooms in the entire world. It’s great for team building, family bonding and just having some fun doing something different.

They have a selection of four rooms to choose from: the Bank, Prison, Bunker and the Zodiac room. Each will give you enough of a challenge that will occupy your time for almost 90 minutes.

The Bunker

Depending on the room you choose, you’ll be prompted with something like this:

The Bank

You are a professional and well-connected group of thieves. You have learned that the general manager of a local major bank is holding a sizable stash of diamonds in his office safe. In the dead of night, a break in the bank’s electrical system has deactivated all alarms for exactly one hour, providing the opportunity to make your move. If you locate and crack the safe in time, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Stumble, and you will end your career of crime behind bars.

To find out more information on all of the escape rooms, click here.

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At the old Dearborn Station in the South Loop